News & Events


News & Events

News and upcoming events for AFCU.


Chip Debit Cards Coming Soon


In November, we will begin issuing chipped debit cards. The new cards will be issued gradually as your current debit card expires. A chip card adds an additional layer of sophisticated fraud protection through an embedded microchip that turns cardholder information into a unique code when used at a chip-enabled terminal that is difficult to duplicate or copy. More details soon! 


New Highway 81 Branch Opening in October  

Check out the progress on our new Highway 81 North Branch!  It is located directly across from T.L. Hanna High School.

If construction continues at its current pace, we will open the new building in October. The current Highway 81 Branch will have to be closed a couple of weeks before the new location opens for moving purposes. As soon as dates are finalized, we will share that information with you. We look forward to serving you in this great new space!


AFCU Sponsors Mobile Mammography Bus


We are proud to partner with AnMed Health Foundation efforts to secure Anderson’s very first Mobile Mammography Bus! This new bus will make it easier for women across Anderson County and the surrounding area to receive mammograms, which aid in the early detection of breast cancer. The bus will also visit local businesses to provide employees with easy access to these important screenings. Learn more about AnMed Health’s upcoming Cancer Survivors Day at