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Toll Free Number at West Branch Has Changed

Due to some recent changes with our phone service, the toll free line at our Highway 24 Branch was cancelled in error. The new toll free number is 1-844-445-1115.

Don’t Be A Victim Of Mail Theft

Several members have reported mail theft recently. You can help protect yourself against this type of identity theft by signing up for e-statements. We offer free e-statements for all accounts.


If you have recieved a text message, email message, or a voice mail asking you for information about your Debit or Credit card do not respond.

Keep Your Phone Number Current On Your Account

An incorrect phone number on your account causes problems when you are attempting to activate or establish a PIN for your debit or ATM card.  To update your contact numbers, please give us a c

Let Us Know If You’re Traveling

Please notify us when you are traveling. Our debit and credit card processors monitor abnormal activity on your AFCU card to protect you against fraudulent transactions.

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