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Tribute to Pam Yeargin

Pam Yeargin was part of the Anderson Federal Credit Union family since 1992 when she was hired as the Hartwell, Georgia Branch’s first teller. From the beginning, she was a go-getter who didn’t rest until she found the answer to any problem. She quickly moved up through the ranks becoming a Loan Officer, Branch Manager, Consumer Loan Manager, and most recently V.P. of Internal Auditing.  As a matter of fact, there probably isn’t any area in the credit union where she didn’t have some kind of influence.  

If Pam were given an opportunity to pursue something, she did it with gusto! She was one of only two AFCU employees who were awarded the CCUE designation from the National Credit Union Administration. This stands for Certified Credit Union Executive and is the equivalent of a four year college degree. And, just as you would expect, she made A’s in every course!   

Pam truly gave more than 100% and sought perfection in everything she did. Her strict attention to details made her the perfect candidate for her latest internal auditing position. The joke in our office was that Pam should buy stock in sticky notes because she left everyone so many notes with her “suggestions for improvement.”  

Pam was so linked with AFCU that she often commented that members called her on the weekend to ask her a question or get her opinion about what they should do. She never hesitated to share her opinion in any situation either. She was known to be a straight shooter! Of course, she had a softer side too. She made it a point to recognize employees’ birthdays and she always had a heart for kids! When asked to help with anything, she always did. More than anything, we remember Pam as being someone you could count on---rain or shine!

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